Tuesday, February 12, 2008

SquareEnix's Takeover

For anyone who knows me, they know that I'm a RPG kind of guy. I do play every kind of game out there, but RPGs I think are the best. It's just so cool that you can customize your character and watch him/her grow. The other great part about RPGs is that the majority of the time they're turn based which means no anxiety! I don't hate action games or anything like that, it's just there is a time and a place for action games. There's never a time and a place for RPGs; you can play them at any time... But this brings me to my main point: Final Fantasy's journey into action games. If anyone remember, back in the day Square didn't really create action/adventure kind of games. They did have Xenogears in which you did a lot of jumping and stuff to move around, but the battles were all turn based. Ever since Final Fantasy 7 or so time was a major factor. If you take your time to pick "Attack" you could have already been attacked. Now, most recently the new Final Fantasy 12 game for the DS or Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core for the PSP are all heavily dependent on finger movement rather than strategy. They both kind of have some RPG core, but they're action based. SquareEnix is just trying to take over every genre. They have the fighting game coming, they have real time strategy, turn based strategy, role play games... what's next? Final Fantasy Soccer? (The sad thing is I would still buy it). Well, either way, Final Fantasy is slowly taking over every genre. I'm glad to see it happen because they're a fine developer, but come on, Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales? Bad SquareEnix. Bad.


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Just your average gamer...NOT said...

lol. You and all the other hundreds of people want that game too. D: