Monday, February 25, 2008


I got to go to this year's GDC, which was quite exciting. The best thing that I got to do there: Super Smash Bros. Brawl! If anyone knows my smash playing background, I used to play as Marth, so naturally I chose Ike. His moves are pretty similar including the counter move, but he's a lot slower than Marth. He feels like Roy a little bit. I only got to play once which was disappointing but I did get to see some of the new people in action. Metaknight seems pretty overpowered. He flies like Kirby but has the attack range like Link. On top of his multiple jumps he also has a high up-B jump. The entire game the person playing Metaknight just kept fluttering around and slicing a.k.a. fly byes. I felt like a giant noob because I didn't know how to use the smash ball. I was the person to get it... and then I just kinda sat on it. then it got knocked out of me. Later that game I got another one and used it (it was just a simple smash attack to activate it). I was quite disappointed because Ike's smash is more of a 1v1 move. If you look at other people's super smash, they fill up the entire screen and whoop ass. We'll see how everything looks in the end. I gotta go pick up a Wii now.

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Just your average gamer...NOT said...

Darn those sword people and their range! I should've known to pick someone else besides Yoshi who has a lame Smash attack, lol. I would've played Falco anyday if they had hm. D: