Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Power Leveling

Now that school has started I've been extremely busy. Between GotGame, school, commuting, and personal things, I haven't had much time to game. Recently, I've gotten to 70 and I've been running a lot of different things. Now, I'm up to the heroic difficulty 5-man instances. Once you're 70, you pretty much have to specialize, which mean I stuck to healing. I like healing, but once in a while I'd like to fight instead of getting beat up. So I decided I wanted a 70 paladin (I know they're not the best, but they live longer than rogues or mages). Well, since I'm so busy I don't have the time at all to level all the way to 70. So my solution to this problem was to have someone level my character to 60, and I'll do the rest. The problem is there's a million different services out there and varying prices. I needed to find the right balance of price, speed, and safety (since power leveling is illegal). After looking around I suck with a place. Things were going smoothly until they got caught when my character was 32. My account is not temporarily banned and I don't really know what to do. I'll figure it out.

Note: the website above isn't the site I used, it's just one I googled. I'm not saying the site I used because I'll feel bad if I ruin their business.

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Sirpwnalot said...

Careful with power leveling services, I've been playing WOW for over 3 years and I'll heard all sorts of shady stories. Might get your account hacked after using them.